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Use Case

«I am a DokPro user»

The following features are currently in the internal test phase. The features are expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2023. .

You are a DokPro user...

...and have different devices in use with the same operating system and would like to have the same data on all devices.

...or have different devices in use with different operating systems and the respective system-specific software? For example, in the office you work with the Windows application and on the road with the IOS/Android version on your devices.

...or you use DokPro for logging together with your colleagues and you would like to create, revise, update, clean up and exchange logs at different times?

No problem, the PSE Cloud ensures that your data of the specific Windows application is synchronised with the specific IOS/Android version on your phone/tablet/laptop fully automatically and with the employees/customers/suppliers selected and approved by you. You have the full scope of both intra-company and inter-company interoperability & collaboration.

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