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Use Case

«I want to handle projects efficiently & in a timely manner»

Do you want to handle your projects efficiently and according to the latest standards? You want full flexibility and transparency in your projects for planning, control and execution?

Do you want to achieve the highest level of digitalisation, but still give your employees freedom and the ability to work from anywhere?

Do you want to massively reduce both your IT costs and their complexity and still play in the top league in your industry?


«There is always a solution available…

…explore the most effective…

..and make that solution work for you»


We have the "All in One" solution for you from a single source. PRIMADOCA (web client application) is the project platform with complete project & milestone planning, project control, project controlling with to-dos, DMS, change management, time recording, etc. BLACKPIN ensures encrypted and DSVGO-compliant communication and workflow control. You create the minutes of your meetings and define the to-dos with PRIMADOCA or DokPro. You record the times in PRIMADOCA and/or with TimeControl. With the TimeControl & DokPro applications, you can also complete your work offline at any time. Regardless of the application and operating system on which the data is entered, the PSE Cloud ensures full interoperability & collaboration.

Finally reduce the IT costs & complexity in your company and equip your employees with the most modern technologies. Lay the foundations for a successful future for your company and your employees today.

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